“Heliakos” solar power heated family homes, Lausanne – CH

Residential district of the «Triaudes», Lausanne-Ecublens – CH
February 22, 2020
Family house in Denges – CH
February 22, 2020
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The residences are located on a narrow strip of land on a slope facing Lake Geneva.

The cross section and ground plan along the main axis of the plot develop a geometry that follows the trajectory of the sun making full use of its light. Natural light efficiently floods every space, including north facing areas. Searching for light and energy harnessing are part of a whole. Heavy materials are associated to the parts that need high thermal insulation or for storing energy (Trombe walls), light materials to openings, and for letting in sunlight (passive and active systems). South facing façades are very open while north facing ones bear no openings.

Different types of passive solar energy harnessing are used:

• Direct harnessing through judiciously placed openings (passive systems).

• Absorption through Trombe walls (hybrid system).

• Glass verandas extending living areas.