Bière arsenal, hall for self-propelled artillery – CH

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May 2, 1998
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March 29, 1998
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Office des Constructions Fédérales, Switzerland



(in collaboration with D. Démétriadès)

This 4,000m2 complex, 150m long and composed of 24m deep halls, is a notable break within the Bière Arsenal on the Jura foothills. It was reorganised, restructured and cleaned up with great care.

The concrete having undergone severe erosion because of carbonation, was cleaned up using hydro demolition, the damaged material was removed, the framework treated and the concrete re-profiled.

The building's thermal insulation was improved as much by intervention on the outer concrete casing as by the replacing of all window and door frames with aluminium with thermal cuts.

The separation of compartments was made water-tight and all technical installations (heating, ventilation, gas extraction, lighting, sanitary installations, other fluids etc.) were rethought and replaced.

The large metallic doors (10mx6m) with counter-weights and motor were completely restored.