Freetown New Ferry Port development project in Sierra Leone

Salle communale Etoy
March 19, 1982
Project for the headquarters of the Swiss Bank Corporation, Place St François, Lausanne-CH
April 20, 1980
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Free Town Port Authorities



(in coll. with R. Vittone, A. Realini et D. Démétriadès)

The project proposal is the restructuring and reorganisation of all the new port zone facilities and infrastructure in relation to the nearby urban centre, government ministries, the town hall, the main post office building:

- Port authority building,

- Customs building,

- Shopping and administrative centre,

- Renovation of wharfs,

- Ferry boat terminals,

- QFerry boat wharf,

- Marina and all necessary re-supplying facilities, club-house etc.,

- IShipyard maintenance facilities,

- Re-fuelling and repair facilities, ship chandlers

- Organisation of transport and car parks.