Center for crafts and semi industrial activities with a public throughway, Vallée du Flon, Sévelin, Lausanne-CH

Place de la Riponne – Place du Tunnel, Lausanne-CH
April 30, 1988
Development site in Mykonos, Greece
May 21, 1982
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Commune of Lausanne



(in collab. with D. Démétriadès)

The centre was designed by and on the initiative of the communal authorities of the city of Lausanne as part of a maintenance and support effort of productive activities.

It is located in the Flon zone, in Sévelin near the woody banks of the river Flon, today channelled underground.

The ground floor houses 6.50m high halls, destined for metallurgical workshops, garages and other semi-industrial activities.

The upper floor is 3.00m high and groups laboratories and precision workshops.

The building is made up of 6.60m side square modules. Each unit has the necessary sanitation and technical facilities to operate independently.

The constructive principle allows great flexibility of use of the area to suit the different occupants.

The glass openings were carefully studied to guarantee optimum natural lighting, in relation to the surrounding landscape of woody banks.

The building is a landmark in the area under full development, as much through its architecture and materials used as by the outside staircase and footbridge ensuring internal and public throughways.

This system ensures the extension of the building.