16 apartment block, CH-Bière
February 23, 1996
Development of the Place du Château, Lausanne
May 21, 1995
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real estate investment fund, SIMA, UBS



Sallaz Tower is an imposing urban landmark at the North entrance of the city of Lausanne. It comprises 80 apartments.

Badly deteriorated, it needed urgent restoration.

Every apartment was rethought and restored; studio apartments were joined into 2 and 3 room apartments. Kitchen, conduits and bathroom installations were redone.

Built in 1962, in bare reinforced concrete, the tower underwent severe deterioration due to carbonation. Important draining work on the building envelope enabled the restoration of the altered parts according to the rulebook. The concrete, having undergone heavy erosion, was cleaned and rehabilitated using hydro demolition, the damaged material was removed, the framework treated and the concrete re-profiled.