DAG EPF-L campus administration and presidency, Écublens-Lausanne (CH)
April 23, 1989
Center for crafts and semi industrial activities with a public throughway, Vallée du Flon, Sévelin, Lausanne-CH
April 20, 1986
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Planning Service of the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland



The Place du Tunnel underwent a profound change in its urban fabric over the course of the XXth century with the destruction of many buildings and the implantation of part of the cantonal state administration. The proposal considers the conservation and enhancement of the XIXth century buildings left in the city.

The new shapes of the constructions exploit the existing volumes and develop public areas by creating convivial walkways through the new structures with shops, places of entertainment, offices and housing. The glass covered gallery in particular that links the Place du Tunnel and the Place de la Riponne, establishes a hierarchy between these two Lausanne squares of different character.