Palazzo L Administrative and residential building Piazza Molino Nuovo 17, Lugano – CH

Residential district of the «Triaudes», Lausanne-Ecublens – CH
February 22, 2020
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F. Cattaneo & D. Papadaniel estate


L. Maggini, arch.



The Pallazzo L building is located on a square. Because of the city's development to the north, the area has become a magnet for urban housing, commercial activity and services.
The "L" shaped geometry of the building is borne out of the necessity of completing the existing social fabric.
The 7 floor and 3 basement building covers an area of 4'200 m2 above ground and 2'000 m2 below ground.
The ground floor and the first three floors offer spaces destined for commercial and business uses, while the other floors are to provide housing.
On the ground floor, boutiques, with all round shop windows, give out on the outside to 3.50m high and deep arcades. On the courtyard side they benefit from the garden.
The open space offices are very flexible and provide a wide range and variety of uses.
There are two types of apartments:
• 10 split-level apartments with entrance on the 5th floor
• 3 apartments located on the angle of the building.

The overall expression of the building is calm and reserved. The alternate solids and voids underline the relief of the façade overlooking the square. The materials used are:
• bare reinforced concrete for the load bearing structure
• apparent dark lava coloured Klinder Kelesto bricks for outside cladding
• brilliant natural anodically inactivated aluminium for window and door frames.
Important supporting works, wall anchoring, underpinning of public property and adjoining buildings were necessary to carry out the project.
All heating, double flux ventilation and air renewal installations are in the basement. The cooling and heating air conditioning system uses water from the ground water.