Neurorehabilitation Hospital Institution de Lavigny, Lavigny -CH

Palazzo L Administrative and residential building Piazza Molino Nuovo 17, Lugano
February 23, 2008
Irb2 laboratory, P3 animal house, Institute for Research in Biomedicine Via Vela 6, Bellinzona
April 2, 2006
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Foundation de Lavigny-CH



Hospital enlarged and re-organized by the creation of additional wings. A new floor is added and the hospital facilities are updated. The future establishment will have 51 single rooms, 6 double rooms and 3 rooms with 3 beds. The overall area is 9,800m2.

The new communal areas, generous and transparent for welcoming patients and visitors are situated around a garden patio sheltered from the wind. It improves the flow between the different departments. Structured pathways link the other buildings on the foundation estate.