IMU/CHUV University institute of microbiology Rue du Bugnon 48, Lausanne – CH

Irb2 laboratory, P3 animal house, Institute for Research in Biomedicine Via Vela 6, Bellinzona – CH
February 22, 2020
Croix-Rouge Suisse – Blood center, Rue du Bugnon, Lausanne – CH
February 22, 2020
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State of Vaud. Department of Health and Social Action. Department of Cantonal Hospices.



The institute covers all the diagnosis and research activities of the university hospital centre concerning bacteriology – parasitology and virology - serology over an area of 2’800m2.

The building, dating from 1917, was completely emptied out and transformed. A new programme and an equipment review resulted in setting up a series of mechanisms to guarantee the compliance to the federal rulings against major accidents and the rulings of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The building was restored and re-imagined with the desire to enhance its outstanding features and using the contrast with the new equipment and installations.

Each research laboratory department covers a complete floor. Alternation and a colour rhythm (yellow, blue, green, blue-grey) help to recognize each department while lending the workspace a joyful and luminous character.

The institute equipment is completed by:

• a P3 biosafety level department specialized in the research and diagnosis of tuberculosis.

• a P3 biosafety level laboratory specialized in HIV-AIDS virus research

• level B & C radioactive laboratories

• P2 biosafety level animal house

• sterilisation plant, autoclaves, washing station

• laboratory preparation of environment

• pneumatic capsule transportation system linking the institute with all departments concerned within the hospital centre

• premises and complete laboratory gas supply system

The planning of the institute was elaborated in close collaboration with Professor Heidi Diggelmann, President of the Fond National de Recherche Scientifique, Institute Director in association with Professor Jacques Bille.