Administrative building – headquarters for: GEK SA & TERNA SA, Athens

Glasshouses, Botanical Garden, Lausanne
April 20, 2001
University of Lausanne UNIL-Amphimax
May 2, 2000
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GEK SA & TERNA SA headquarters, Athens



(in collaboration with Luigi Snozzi)

GEK SA and TERNA SA are general construction, civil engineering and energy installations companies.

The building with a 6,000m2 usable area, is on Messoghion avenue and Kalamon Street.

The developed theme is that of the contiguous urban building with inner courtyard to diminish traffic nuisances.

The project comprises a main building along Messoghion avenue. Two narrower perpendicular parts of the building follow the outline of the plot of land to form an inner courtyard - inner garden on different levels. Underneath the garden are public areas, like exhibition gallery, cafeteria, 300 seat versatile aula-space etc. The different levels enable to use natural light for the different spaces.

Car park and technical facilities are in the third basement.