Development of a mountain resort Dötra – Lucomagno – Ticino-CH

Project for the headquarters of the Swiss Bank Corporation, Place St François, Lausanne-CH
April 20, 1980
Commune of Bernex, Geneva
May 18, 1979
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1978 - 1979

(in collaboration with Michel Rey, ACAU Carouge CH)

The site of Dötra is situated at an altitude of 1,750m on the south face of the Swiss Alps.

Development includes the study of the ski slopes and its equipment. A master plan manages the preservation of the landscape, the avalanche risk zones and the ski slopes. The station counts 2,000 beds and comprises collective and individual residences, hotels, shopping and cultural facilities, public areas etc. Road traffic stops at the village entrance. Pedestrians have priority and transport service is guaranteed by bus and small electric vans.