Center for crafts and semi industrial activities with a public throughway, Vallée du Flon, Sévelin, Lausanne-CH
April 20, 1986
Salle communale Etoy
March 19, 1982
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Owner :

Silvio Tarchini



Mykonos is to become an easily accessible island from Athens following the improvements in its maritime transportation.

The village designed to occupy a few hectares of a peninsula, comprises permanent and holiday housing as well as tourist accommodation.

This mix helps promote year round village life. It is favoured by the will to implant activities, such as a marina equipped with all the necessary infrastructures and a large congress centre.

The village is set up over three sectors:

• Residences cover the slopes to the north of the site. Hidden by the peninsula hill, the position is a guarantee against the landscape eyesores of the vast zone and offers excellent exposure to the sun.

• The port – marina with shops, boutiques, restaurants and other facilities takes advantage of the natural harbour site.

• The site of the congress centre at the top of the peninsula. This privileged position offers an outstanding panoramic view over the sea of the Cyclades.

The architectural programme allows for outdoor and indoor activities in buildings that blend into the landscape and have little and limited impact on it.