Development of a mountain resort Dötra – Lucomagno – Ticino-CH
May 21, 1979
Centre for fire and rescue services of the city of Lausanne in Montheron
April 2, 1979
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1978 - 1979

(in collaboration with P. A. Favre, ACAU Carouge-CH)

Bernex is in the outskirts of Geneva and is home to 10,000 inhabitants. Originally a farming village, the commune has developed through tertiary activities. The master plan was devised to manage and make provision for this mutation. Its priority was to protect the ancient fabric of the village by maintaining traditional housing and activities. The new residential and tertiary districts were dealt with through the management, development and control of the natural landscape. The transport map respects the scale of existing and planned constructions. It was studied to coordinate both the City of Geneva's objectives and Public Transport policies.