Bois – Mermet Prison, Lausanne-CH Staff and housekeeping wing

New neighborhood in periphery of Bejaia, Algeria, 2013-2014
February 27, 2014
Neurorehabilitation Hospital Institution de Lavigny, Lavigny -CH
April 10, 2007
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État de Vaud. Department for infrastructures - Service des bâtiments-CH

(in collaboration with I. Kolecek, Lausanne)



Bois-Mermet prison was inaugurated in 1904 by the city of Lausanne.

Two wings were constructed in the main entrance courtyard to remedy the shortage of space for the supply office as part of the maintenance and repair work on the building (workshop and offices) and to create changing room and bathroom facilities for the wardens.

The two pavilions, sitting symmetrically across from each on either side of the entrance gate, aim to be immaterial and to reflect the massive stone masonry textures around them.

Sitting on a reinforced concrete apron, they were constructed using the prefabricated Lignatur system with sandwich panels, made up of fir tree wood and mineral wool insulation. This modular system allows both the construction of the walls and those of the roof slab.

The panels are covered on the exterior side with brilliant untreated recycled aluminium sheets.

This project is part of a vast prison repair work operation broken down into different phases and summed up by:
• Improving the security of the building in the passageways and the technical facilities
• Repair work to the heating production units
• Repairing the plumbing installations
• A new sports facility