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March 29, 1998
Development of the Place du Château, Lausanne
May 21, 1995
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At the intersection of three streets is the bus line 8 terminus built in the 1930s. It is one of the city's landmarks. To its right is the BCV branch. Designed on the same scale as the rest of the quarter, it dialogues with the pavilion. It has a fountain and gradients. In its centre a Scotch fir tree is discreetly reflected in the glass cylindrical façade.

The volume of the building is made up of the solids and voids that correspond to the content and functions of the bank. A covered portico designates the public area.

The chosen concept of open counters without bulletproof glass helps the contact with clients and underlines the generosity of the central space.

The other part, discreet and secured includes the reception, the waiting and conference rooms, staff and client advisor offices, safe boxes, etc. A light staircase in the centre of the reception area leads to the upper floor, where the high security functions are located.

The materials used correspond to the composition of the project:
• concrete for the private areas
• steel and glass for the reception and public areas

Exterior walls are in prefabricated sandwich panels. The cement used is white with Carrara marble aggregates.

The size and disposition of the rooms follow a geometric progression based on the golden ratio principle.