Awards & Honours


Energy saving residential building district, heated by solar energy, CIPEF (Coopérative Immobilière du Personnel Fédéral, Préverenges (CH), 1983.

EPF-L campus administration and presidency, Écublens-Lausanne (CH),1988. DAG

CIPEF buildings in Préverenges (CH) Prix Suisse Romand d'architecture solaire. Special Mention, 1990. Préverenges.

E.O.S. (Electricité Ouest Suise) Administrative Centre - Lausanne (CH), 1990.

Customs building and personnel accommodation, Villeneuve (CH), 1991.


Primary school, gymnasium and accommodation in Mies (VD - CH) 1990.

Rue Cité-Derrière. Housing rehabilitation in the historical centre, Lausanne (CH), 1990.

Rue Curtat. Rehabilitation of housing in the historical centre, Lausanne (CH), 1997.

Primary school, gymnasium and tennis club. Commune of Chamblon (VD - CH), 1998.

Local school and village centre, Trélex. District of Trélex (VD - CH), 1999.

Freedom Square Kavala Greece 2022/2023.


Village hall, gymnasium and sports facilities. Commune of Etoy 'VD - CH), 1982.

Extension to the primary school, new college and gymnasium. Corsier on Vevey (VD - CH), 1986.

Sports centre, road maintenance premises, fire station. Avenches (VD -CH), 1989.

Lausanne University, human sciences building, Lausanne (CH), 1999.

Regional road maintenance centre. Manloup, commune of Mont-sur-Lausanne (VD - CH), 2004.


School and sports halls. Forel-Lavaux (VD - CH), 1982.


Banking headquarters of SBS (Société des Banques Suisses), Place Saint-françois, Lausanne (CH), 1981.


Îlot Riponne-Tunnel, É administrative buildings , housing and planning of the sector from the Place du Tunnel to the Place de la Riponne, Lausanne (CH), 1987.


Central administration building of the Hellenic Chamber of Engineers and Architects (TEE). Maroussi - Athens, Greece, 1994.

Covered velodrome and International Cycling Committee administration building. Lausanne (CH), 1997.

Prégny-Chambéry primary school, Geneva (CH), 2006.

Civil Protection Instruction Centre (passive and active use of solar power on a public building). Montheron-Lausanne. (VD - CH), 1978.

Solar power laboratories at the EPF-L Lausanne (CH), 2001.


Parc des Cèdres, student accommodation and 3 gymnasiums in Bellerive, Lausanne (CH), 1990.

International competition for the Spree Island area planning in Berlin (DE), 1994.

New local parliament and administration in the historical centre. Lausanne (CH), 1995.

Higher Secondary Education Centre (CESS). Vocational training centre (CEP), Marcellin, Morges (VD - CH), 1995.

Town hall, local administration and Tobacco Museum. Commune of Corcelles-près-Payerne (VD - CH), 1996.

Local authority buildings; housing estate and centre refurbishment. Commune of St-Sulpice (VD - CH), 1996.

Kindergarden and primary school. Commune of Crans-près-Céligny (VD - CH), 1998.

Administrative buildings for «Bakom» (Bundesamt für Kommunikation) - Bienne (BE - CH), 1999.

School complex, College. Commune of Bussigny (VD - CH), 1999.

Extension of the vocational training centre. City of Fribourg (CH), 2005.

School complex and gymnasiums, district planning concept for a new district in the Marais. Commune of Chesseaux (VD - CH), 2005.